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Dräger Polytron IR

Suitable for robust use even under adverse ambient conditions – the flameproof, infrared-optical transmitter Dräger Polytron IR is characterized by its exceptional stability and longevity

Configurable measuring ranges

The measuring range of the Polytron IR can be configured: Typical applications require a measuring range from 0 up to 100 % LEL whereas leakage or workplace limit value monitor create measuring tasks in the ranges from 0 up to 20 % LEL or 0 up to 5 %, or even in the ppm range (gas-independent). And with the Polytron IR type 334, methane can also be measured up to a 100 volume %. The configuration can easily be performed and is guided by the menu with a HART® handheld device or a PC




User-friendly calibration function

The Dräger Polytron IR can be calibrated in a user-friendly way with standard test gases: The desired test gas (e.g. methane or propane) is simply selected among the 38 substances in the transmitter's comprehensive gas library. A test gas different from the substance can be chosen as a test gas. The calibration and sensitivity parameters are automatically calculated for the substance to be measured – performance approved.

Patented "Beam Block" warning signal

When the "Beam Block" warning signal is activated, the Polytron IR does not simply switch to interference but to a "stand-by mode": A permanent warning signal is emitted (e.g. 2 mA) while measuring continues in the background, and in the case of a gas concentration above 15 % LEL, the measuring mode is resumed. A spontaneous disruption of the measuring mode can therefore be prevented; planned and precautionary maintenance becomes possible.

Performance features

  • Two versions (type 334 and type 340) with different measuring wave lengths for different hydrocarbons with different sensitivities

  • Double-compensating and non-imaging optics (with 4-beam process)
  • A large gas library with up to 38 substances (of which 27 substances are performance approved in accordance with DIN EN 50054/50057)
  • Configurable measuring ranges in LEL % , Vol. -% and ppm
  • Fast response behavior, supported by the ""chimney effect"" of the splash guard

  • An analog 4 up to 20 mA signal as well as digital output signals: RS 485 and HART® (including multidrop feature)
  • Beam block warning signal in the case of dirty optics as a preventive maintenance
  • Configurable maintenance signal

  • Specified temperature area from -40 °C to +65 °C
  • Unlimited applications in a moist atmosphere

  • Hermetically closed stainless steel housing SS 316L
  • Long maintenance interval thanks to minimum long-term drift
  • No movable parts
  • Typical life time: 15 years

  • Explosion protection approvals for worldwide use: ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA
  • Dust ex-protection for zones 21 and 22
  • Protection types: IP 65, IP 66 and IP 67
  • Continual self-diagnosis according to T023
  • Certified SIL-2 compatibility (Safety Integrity Level)
D-2-4, Setia Walk, Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: + 6012-921 3877; 603-5879 7121
Fax: +018 635 1593