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CC28 Transmitter

Fastest monitoring of flammable gases

Superior technology
Wherever flammable gases or vapours are found, the CC28 provides the best solution for safe monitoring. ATEX-certified design, built-in EX-certified horn and bright LED lights allow safe operation within highly flammable areas. The gas alarm is transmitted to the central control panel, simultaneously warning the control room and the worker in the danger area.
The "chimney-effect"
Fastest detection available
Using GfG’s unique sensor technology, coupled with a special "chimney-effect" the CC28 transmitter has the shortest response time in the market, detecting flammable gases using catalytic bead technology.When used in conjunction with our GMA controller series, a programmed delta alarm can shorten the response time still further. This gives an extra level of safety when handling explosive gas risks.

Smart sensor technology
Installation and sensor exchange are quick and easy using pre-calibrated smart, plug-in sensors. One-man calibration/ adjustment is possible directly at the transmitter, without opening the housing.
Versions for each application

basic unit

CC28 D with additional display of gas concentration

CC28 DA with additional bright LED lights and loud horn. The extra costs for installing an Ex-certified horn and audible alarm are omitted.
CC28 D with display
The advantages at a glance
  • World-wide shortest response time
  • Three choices – no display with display or with display and built-in audible and visual alarms
  • ATEX-Certification  II 2G EEx dem [ib] IIC T4
  • EEC design inspection certificate BVS 04 ATEX E 132 X, functional test: BVS 05 ATEX G 001 X  0158
  • SIL-2 certificate
  • Ex-certified visual and loud acoustic alarm
  • Less wiring required
  • Simple sensor exchange using smart, plug-in sensors
  • Long sensor lifetime
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Status and function display directly on the transmitter
  • One-man calibration/ adjustment without opening casing
  • Operation possible in inaccessible places via remote control (option)
CC28 DA with display + alarm
Remote control (option)
Some flammable gases are lighter than air (e.g. methane). If a transmitter is installed close to the ceiling, it can be connected by a fixed installed cable with a plug connection to the remote control. Thus, all adjustments can be made comfortably from floor level. With one remote control device, an unlimited number of transmitters can be controlled in this way.

Using transmitters without display, the remote control shows the current values on its’ own display. The display of the remote control mimics the transmitter display exactly. Inspection, maintenance and adjustment are therefore greatly simplified. Using the remote control inspection, service and calibration can be performed easily by one person.
D-2-4, Setia Walk, Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: + 6012-921 3877; 603-5879 7121
Fax: +018 635 1593