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Cermet II Hygrometer

A full specification on-line hygrometer for the measurement of dew point in air and process gases, with wide operating range and multiple display options.

Product Features

  • Wide measurement range, calibrated -100 to +20°Cdp
  • ±1.0°Cdp accuracy
  • Analogue and digital output
  • Pressure sensor input
  • Up to 4 alarm relays
  • User-selectable measurement units
  • Easy to read display

Technical Specification

Measurement Range -100 to +20°Cdp
Accuracy (dew point) ±1°C from -60 to +20°Cdp
±2°C from -100 to -60°Cdp
Enclosure Stainless steel
Ingress Protection IP66 in accordance with standard BS EN 60529:1992
NEMA 4 in protection and accordance with standard NEMA 250-2003
Operating Temperature -40 to +60°C compensated over -20 to +40°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +109°C
Operating Pressure From vacuum to 40 MPa (400 barg/5801 psig) (max)
Flow Rate 1 to 5 Nl/min
Gas Velocity 0 to 10m/sec
Process Connection 5/8" UNF parallel thread
Sensor Calibration Traceable to UKAS and NIST



Measurement Units °C, °F dew point; ppmV with user selectable range and resolution; lb/MMscf range dependent on pressure (natural gas); g/m³ (natural gas)
Digital processing and linearization with active or passive pressure compensation
Resolution 0.1 °C from -80 to +20°Cdp
1°C from -100 to -80°Cdp
Secondary Measurement Variable Pressure using an optional external transducer over a range of 0-45 MPa (450 barg/6527 psig
Completely user-configurable for any industry standard transducer with an 4-20 mA output
Automatic compensation for ppmV, lbs/MMscf and g/m³ units
Alarm Relays Two user adjustable isolated 10A form 'C' rated at 240 V AC or 24 V DC
   Analog 4-20 mA as standard (max load 500 Ω) user configurable and scalable
   Digital RS232
Power Supply Universal 85 to 265 V AC, 50/60 Hz or 95 to 370 V DC


Operating conditions

Operating Temperature
   Analyzer 0 to +50°C
   Sensor -20 to +50°C (-5 to +122°F)
Ingress Protection
   Analyzer IP54 (NEMA 12) standard (front panel only)
IP66 (NEMA4) with optional cover (front panel only)
   Sensor IP66 (NEMA4)



   Analog 0-20 mA optional (max load 500 Ω) 0-10 V optional (min load 5 K Ω) both user-configurable and scalable
   Digital RS485: provides 2-way communication - full data access to user and total instrument configuration
Alarm Relays 1 or 2 additional 5 A relays (max 4 total) n/o type fully user configurable and adjustable over the full range, full choice of units and sensor fault alarm functions
Power Supply 18 to 36 V AC; 9 to 60 V DC
Cable Standard 2m (1200m max)
D-2-4, Setia Walk, Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: + 6012-921 3877; 603-5879 7121
Fax: +018 635 1593