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Portable Gas Detectors

PGD2 series

For the monitoring of Flammable Gases, Toxic Gases and Oxygen

PGD2 is an intrinsically-safe portable multi-gas monitor for use in Group IIC potentially explosive atmospheres. The portable gas detector is intended to be used for the protection of personnel entering or working in an environment where a gas hazard may, or is known to exist. The portable gas detector produces both an audible and visual alarms if any of the monitored gas levels fall outside pre-set limits. It can be fitted with up to 4 gas sensors in various combinations of flammable, toxic and oxygen to provide simultaneous monitoring of each gas. The data logging facilities available within the portable gas detector allow the exposure levels for each gas to be stored for downloading to a personal computer at the end of the work period. The portable gas detector also automatically calculates the STEL and LTEL values for each gas as required by the COSHH regulations in the United Kingdom. Pumped versions are available at additional cost.

The portable gas detector comprises the following main parts: -

  1. The main instrument case, moulded in high impact resistance "Bayblend" and internally coated with a conductive paint to provide electromagnetic shielding. A belt clip and suspension hook may be optionally fitted during manufacture.
  2. A removable battery pack.
  3. A large red lens section containing flashing led indications, audible alarm and infra-red communications link.
  4. Gas sensors and control electronics (contained in anti-impact mountings) housed within the main portable gas detector case section.
  5. A two line by 16-character liquid crystal display with backlight.
  6. A four-key membrane type front panel control switch, large enough to be operated by a gloved hand.
  7. A two-key membrane type top panel control switch. This membrane also carries the power and fault indicators and certification data.
  8. Gas sensor inlets which are separately sealed to help prevent water ingress to the portable gas detector electronics.
  9. A nameplate carrying the serial number of the portable gas detector.

The portable gas detector is supplied fitted with a moulded rubber boot which provides good protection in hostile environments. Various colours are available such as Black, Yellow, Green and Blue.

The gas detector can be both charged and calibrated without removal from the boot.
Note - It is a condition for safe use that the boot is always fitted when used in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

A body harness is also supplied as standard and comprises shoulder and waist straps which attach to the moulded rubber boot. These straps can also be utilised to lower the portable gas detector during pre-entry checks.

The portable gas detector is powered from a rechargeable battery pack.
Note - It is a condition for safe use that the battery pack may only be recharged in a safe area.



  • Monitoring of up to 4 gases.
  • Pumped versions available.
  • Sensors can be added or removed after purchase.
  • Robust construction - high impact resistance.
  • Data Logging in 3 modes.
  • COSHH monitoring (STEL and LTEL).
  • Flammable gas selection from built -in menu.
  • Peak readings facility for pre - entry testing.
  • Sentinel working mode.
  • Displays in scientific units.
  • Programmable alarm levels for each sensor.
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • Sensor zero function.
  • Fully reprogrammable without removal from protective boot.
  • Serial number and calibration due dates stored within instrument.
  • Display contrast adjustable via instrument menu.
  • Audible alarm level adjustable via instrument menu.
  • Display backlighting.
  • Power and Fault indicators.
  • Low  battery alarm.
  • Choice of mains powered or vehicle powered chargers.
  • Calibration via a PC using specially designed Windows software.
  • Extensive software support.
  • Accessories to provide aspiration.
  • Protective rubber boot and body harness.

D-2-4, Setia Walk, Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: + 6012-921 3877; 603-5879 7121
Fax: +018 635 1593